Presentations and Workshops:

Come and see why parents are calling our presentation an absolute "must see". You will have a better understanding of the overall process, how to obtain financial aid, grants and scholorships, and much more cost saving techniques associated with sending your children to college. Our workshops discuss how to calculate your expected family contributions (EFC), Income and asset strategies to minimize your EFC, tax credits and deductions to minimize your over all cost, marketing students athletes, and much much more.

"I have presented at schools throughtout the United States. I offer a technical knowledge that few college planners posess. I have taught classes on college planning and are more than happy to work with your school, company or organization to educate and help parents understand the process."   For More Information:

Our Schedule:

Location: BOCES   Time: 6:30 Date: September 23rd 2015
For directions and Information to BOCES : Liverpool Career Training Center -
4500 Crown Rd Liverpool, Phone: (315) 453-4455

Manlius Library:
Location: Manlius Library  Time: 7:00pm Date: November 4th
For directions and Information to the Manlius Library:
1 Arkie Albanese Ave., Manlius, NY 13104, Phone: (315) 682-6400

Manlius High School:
Location: Manlius High School  Rm 1109 1 LG1 Time: 6:30 Date:Nothing at this time
For directions and Information to Manlius High School please contact Kathy Maimone
Must Register! Contact: Kathy Maimone at Wellwood Middle School. (315) 692-1300

Bishop Ludden High School:
Location: Bishop Ludden  Time: 7:00pm Date: Nothing at this time
For directions and Information to Bishop Ludden: Bishop Ludden Directions
815 Fay Rd Syracuse, NY 13219 ยท (315) 468-2591

My College Planning Webinar:
Location: Online Webinar Time: 6:30 Date: Nothing at this time
Online College Planning presentation.
Please email us at to make reservations or call us at:1(800) 692-6802

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